The Ides of May

It wasn't our scene, the devotionals. Yet we went that day anyhow.

When I reminisce, I remember vividly what I was thinking. It was 10:55 a.m on a Tuesday and I really had nowhere else to go (I had to be honest with myself). I had awoken that May morning around 9:30-- showered, read the news while eating a bowl of cheerios, and rode my bike up to campus. Up the hill. I was sweating. I sought air conditioning. My bike led me to the Harris Fine Arts Center, where I was enrolled in piano lessons for the spring term.

As I turned to walk towards the stairs that led to the practice rooms, a steady stream of students rushed past me into the De Jong, where the devotionals took place. Not quite ready to lock myself in the windowless basement piano room I thought, 'How nice it sounds to just sit and be spoken to.' I joined the people and found a seat somewhere towards the back of the auditorium. A minute later, a boy (man? what are students anyway?) walked down my row and sat next to me. (But he doesn't matter in my story.)

Three minutes later another boy walked down the row, crossed over me, and sat on the other side, but two seats away. I sat and let my mind go blank, waiting. Five more minutes until it would begin, someone announced, "Would everyone move to the centers of their rows to allow more room?"

And so I did. I moved closer to the center. Closer to the boy who sat two seats away. He smiled a hello. I asked him his name. He asked where I was from. We discussed matters of politics. And the lights dimmed.


Afterwards, we stood and exited the row, chatting about things we didn't care about. I hesitated near the exit, "I'm headed down this hallway." Cautiously he asked, "Could I have your phone number? Maybe we could go out sometime."

"I think so," I responded.


Seconds before drifting off to sleep the other night, I sent a facebook status text from my phone, announcing the unrealized significance of the day. "Thank heaven for May 15th", I typed. I tossed the phone somewhere onto the floor and rested my head on Aaron's chest, my familiar spot. "May 15th brought me to you."
Yikes, I'm cheesy, I realized. But there it was, and it was truth.

Three years later and we're just getting started.

[3rd date at the orem fireworks, 6/9/07]