Evening Outpourings

Due to some serious thanksgiving withdrawals, I made mashed potatoes as part of dinner tonight. I was also going to make banana bread but we're out of eggs. We constantly have a supply of over-ripened bananas on the counter. We each take a banana in our lunch every day, but most of the time I forget to eat mine. So then it sits in my lunchbag all day and turns too brown for me to want the next day, and by the end of the week, behold! A bushel of mushy bananas to recycle!

The snows have hit the midwest. I jumped right out of bed this morning when I saw the heavy snowfall out the window. It's the prettiest thing I ever saw. (Especially since we don't have to shovel. The perks of condo living)

I think it's hilarious when women update their facebook status or whichever, to announce that their husband 'does such a good job babysitting their children!' I would hope so, and wait, how is that babysitting?

Last year my mom came to visit and said we should rent this movie, 'Arranged'. The three of us got cozy on the pull-out sofa bed and watched it one night. I really enjoyed it, and recommend it to all looking for a sweet, interesting independent film about an orthodox jewish woman's friendship with a devout muslim woman. (Maybe not what you were specifically looking for, but rent it sometime anyway)

Oh, and this is a blog i found that makes me lol: kim jong-il looking at things.

Tomorrow the weatherman foresees a high of 15 degrees. I wish i were a bear, sometimes. Speaking of bears, I don't know if anyone has seen the documentary Grizzly Man, but it is so crazy. Amazingly crazy. I was expecting a boring doc on a dull man who studies bears, but it was far from that.