Good Tidings

The other morning I drove to the town of Novi for work for a few hours, and since it's only one exit away from where Aaron works, we met up for a lunchtime rendezvous to do a tinge-bit of christmas shopping. It almost felt a little naughty. In a way. We never see or talk to each other during the workday (just emails and g-chat), so it was quite a bit of delicious fun to meet up in the Costco parking lot. One day we'll work closer than 20 miles apart and do this more often.

One thing i discovered a long time ago is that christmas shopping can be a tad challenging for me. I like to give things to people when I am 100% certain they want those things, but if I don't know exactly what I'm getting for someone before i enter a store, it's never a good experience. This is due to several factors, but i think mainly it's a dilemma where I like to give but dislike to shop. Oh the horror. Other than that, i am really soaking up christmas this year, meaning the entire month of december. Usually I'm pretty ambivalent, but the past weeks I've been tingling with excitement. Weird i know! One thing for sure is I really, really need to come up with things to do (learn italian?) or look forward to (cadbury mini-eggs?) from January through spring, because those months are the dullest and dreariest of the year. If anyone disagrees, please let me know, and why, because I am curious.

Fun thing: On our anniversary, we gave each other cards, and when Aaron opened his I told him that I got it back in August in Maine. Then I opened mine, and he told me he also got it in August in Cape Cod. ISN'T THAT CRAZY? Ok, not that much, but it seriously boggled my mind for a minute or two. We had secretly picked out anniversary cards 4 months early, the exact same week, and managed to keep them hidden ever since. Earlier that morning I had written in mine, "I know you probs didn't get me a card, but i couldn't help getting this one because the polar bears reminded me of me & you!" (Yes it's true, they really did, I can't explain it in words, just feelings). Those polar bears.

A list of things i should do before flying to utah in 36 hours:
a) hold mail; b) paint nails; c) bake cookies; d) dishes; e) wal-mart
And due to some UMTRI holiday cheer and good tidings, I'll be done with work at 3 pm tomorrow. Bless them, and let the merriment commence.