First things first, since I'm link-crazy we'll start off with this. Faces...everywhere you look.

I now work Tuesdays and Thursdays for a total of 8 hours which is hardly anything at all but I was beginning to feel extremely lame never having worked in college. Number one reason I can handle my job? Two words: Free. Muffins.

Blogging feels a little bit redundant since I keep a journal on Microsoft Word and habitually [compulsively?] write in it every night. But there are differences, such as there are no URL links in my journal. And there will unlikely be anything very personal on the blog, unless I am in a sharing sort of mood.
Sharing is caring.
Unless you're an intravenous drug user...in which case sharing is daring.

I think I need to attend another byu stand-up show.

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  1. unless you are an altruistic intravenous drug user, then you are caring and daring.