Wasting an Inordinate Amount of Time

I am in the habit of bopping from one computer lab to another on campus, whenever it crosses my mind that I need to Google something. This happens far too often. If I'm in the middle of class I begin tapping my foot impatiently, but then it ends up not being just my foot but my entire body...tapping...wanting to find the internet and Google the thing which has just been brought to my attention that I don't know everything about it that I would like to. This can be quite a challenge when sitting in my apartment and Comcast once again proves unreliable. This also happens far too often. If I overcame my compulsion to check on the weather almost hourly perhaps that wouldn't be such an issue.

I like to keep tabs on my pet peeves because that way if they're out in the open I can figure how to not let them bother me anymore. There's 4 or 5 I can think of right now, which I won't blog about lest I unintentionally cause offense. But one that I know won't because I've only heard some professors say it is...pronouncing words that begin with 'W' with a 'Hw' sound. Examples...'Hwheat', 'Hwheelbarrow', or 'Hwhy'. Hwhat? Maybe it's proper or something. People and their mysterious pronunciations.

In one of my classes I have discovered that there are three, one two three, guys that I have been on dates with and felt awkward about it later. Now I don't like to avoid people but we'll just say that's one class to which I arrive precisely as the bell rings, and not a moment earlier.

Ramadan has begun.

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