Holy Sabbath Day of Prayer

Once again it is the Day of Rest around these parts. I enjoy and look forward to Sundays, generally speaking. However, sometimes I wonder for how many people it is actually a day of rest. For most, it is a day of early morning meetings, worship, instruction, more meetings, choir rehearsals, visiting, cooking, socializing, baking, and for some, last-minute scrambling to finish homework and studying. When planned and finangled, a nap is thrown in- that must be the Resting.

Today in Sacrament Meeting I had a delightfully irreverent time singing the closing hymn. No kidding- try and sing that without having thoughts of, as Monica put it, "Stepford Children." I was doubled over in laughter and singing at the exact same time- talk about multi-tasking.

Read this enlightening essay on what it's like to be poor if you want some reasons to feel grateful.

Have a super sabbath, and most of all remember you should always be polite and treat ev'rybody right and in ev'ry place be affable and kind. Hark!

1 comment:

  1. Hark Hark Hark!
    I think I am bark, bark, barking!

    P.S. I am sorry if I add to the non-resting that goes on during our Sabbath days in N4.
    At least we get baked goodies every week!